HostGator web hosting review

Currently, there are many hosting providers, but it is not easy to find the best hosting provider for yourself. In the work process, we had the opportunity to use a lot of hosting and Hostgator is one of the hosting services that we find the best.

In this post we’ll share what we find best at HostGator and why we recommend using the HostGator service.

The knowledge is too in-depth as well as the statistics we will not mention much in this article. Because we think it’s not something that people who have never used hosting care about.

About HostGator

Hostgator is one of the largest web hosting providers globally. The company is based in United States (Houston and Austin, Texas). Hostgator offers Shared, Reseller, VPS and Dedicated web hosting at very competitive prices.


Founded in 2002, up to now Hostgator is one of the long-standing web hosting providers that still has a growing customer mass, with over 2 million websites hosted.

Pros and Cons of HostGator

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of HostGator that we synthesize for easy reference.

Pros Cons
Cheap price and good performance (Uptime 99.9%).

Sometimes Free SSL doesn’t automatically activate, you have to manually activate it or contact support.


Unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth.
Free SSL Certificate, 1-year free domain.
45-day money-back guarantee.
Fast and efficient support.

HostGator Free SSL

Currently, if a domain name does not contain “https”, it is warned that it is unsafe. This will greatly affect the trust of users for your website.
Furthermore, domain names containing “https” will be rated higher by Google than domains that do not. That will give the advantage of competing rankings on Google. It’s one of the ranking criteria on search engines.
Currently, HostGator has integrated free SSL for your domain name. You don’t need to spend extra effort activating the default HostGator is always enabled. You only need to add “https” when the installation is complete. This is a very important point if you do not have knowledge of this array, so you do not have to worry about trying to activate.

Competitive price

Hostgator always has promotions for those who want to experience for the first time. The longer you buy, the more the price drops. The cheapest price is only $2.75 per month (Hatchling Plan – include unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, 1-year free domain and free SSL certificate). This is a fairly cheap price compared to the general premises.

HostGator’s hosting plans

The company provides all sorts of web hosting services to customers including shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated hosting.

All plans are protected by 45 day money back guarantee.


Below we will take a quick look at some of HostGator’s hosting packages and their prices.

Shared hosting

Shared hosting is the best way to build a new website. Your website shares resources with other websites hosted on same server. This plan is great for beginners and new investors.

HostGator’s shared hosting is available in three packages, called the Hatchling Plan, the Baby Plan, and the Business Plan. All include unlimited disk space, bandwidth, 1-year free domain and free SSL certificate.



WordPress hosting

WordPress Hosting is a Hosting plan optimized specifically for WordPress source code. Suitable for customers to use to build sales websites, company introductions, news, e-commerce. With HostGator’s WordPress web hosting, customers are committed to a higher level of security, your website will get faster access speed.



VPS Hosting

VPS (virtual private server) is a type of virtual server created by dividing a physical server into many different servers with features similar to a dedicated server, running in the form of sharing resources from that original physical server. It is also cheaper than an equivalent physical server. However, when they share basic physical hardware with other VPSs, performance may be lower, depending on the workload of any other virtual machine.

Each VPS hosting is a completely separate system, has a separate CPU, separate RAM, private HDD capacity, private IP address and its own operating system, users have full root management and can restart the system at any time.


HostGator performance (99.9% uptime)

Almost all hosting or VPS providers give figures and guarantee your Uptime 99%. But is that really the case? Other suppliers we do not guarantee but Hostgator is true. In so many years of using Hostgator, almost never have our websites lost connectivity.
For those who do not understand well, uptime is a good hosting time, without dropping or losing connection on the network. If you go to a website that often loses connectivity while your network is still good, it’s because they use hosting badly.

HostGator’s Support & customer service

HostGator’s support is one of the best customer service including 24/7 phone support, live chat support as well as email and ticket support. In your hosting dashboard, you’ll find their support portal. This portal helps you find quick answers from a knowledge base of lots of articles and video tutorials.

If there is a problem to be resolved, contact their support immediately, they will ask you for a pin code (located in the HostGator account management page) to authenticating the claim person as yourself, then they will quickly resolve your request.